Dapp Care is unique in combining Branding, Community management

& Marketing solutions.

We are the first service provider to focus exclusively on Blockchain and combining the three elements that make a good project, a great project.

We believe in all the good that blockchain technology can bring to people, and want to focus our efforts to speed up the adoption. Quality is what we deliver, for you, your community and for a better world.

I am relatively new to crypto. It caught my attention in the spring of 2021. Of course I heard about Bitcoin before, like all of us, however it never really clicked with me. After doing months of research, I realized the potential of the technology and what it could mean for the people if we can get mass adoption. However, getting mass adoption is something that does not just come down to how good the technology is.

We have to educate people about what exactly blockchain is and how it could benefit their day to day lives. My professional background is in Marketing and Sales management. Those are my real passions, I love the hustle of getting attention and converting it to sales. However, It felt empty without a bigger vision. So I quit my corporate job and founded Dapp Care, with the mission to use my expertise to help blockchain projects get adoption and reach a wider audience.

Business, for me, is not about making money. It's the best tool we have for improving lives around the globe. My vision is to share profits with all people involved, equally. I feel this is what we need in a world where money is only moving up, and it's not that hard, just don't be greedy. Instead of having a billion, my goal is to create 1000 millionaires.

To deliver outstanding quality you need motivated people with passion for what they do. By making every layer share in profits, we create a team that no one in this industry can temper with. This way we will become the #1 provider for blockchain growth services.

Designing is my passion, I love the process of creating something that creates a bound with people. In my own designs I focus on creating a brand that tells a compelling story.

Storytelling is crucial in creating a successful brand and overlooked by most Blockchain projects. I read everything there is to know about branding and I still aim to better myself every day. I have 5 years of experience creating Brand identities for different businesses, and I still get excited over every new project.

I founded Dapp Care with the mission to bring world class branding

to the blockchain space. In my opinion blockchain branding is miles behind regular businesses. By using my branding skills on blockchain, we can exponentially increase the rate of adoption for this beautiful technology.

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